Success Factors

Acquiring SuccessFactors from Allos ensures that you have full access to this wealth of knowledge. Any request you might have will be treated speedily and professionally, without you having to dial a call center.

A different level of pre-sale soon from the first contact

Right from the first interaction with the client, Allos professionals engage with the customers/stakeholders to design a workshop and SuccessFactors demo tailored to the customer’s needs, challenges and expected results.

Best practice recommendations are shared from the onset to ensure that customers have all the information necessary to make the right decisions for their specific needs.

We’ve been implementing this platform for almost a decade and have an intimate understanding of the implementation methodology, the technology and the connectors that make SuccessFactors such a powerful solution.

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Potential to harmoniously combine HR with technology

With a dedicated team of certified professional in the US, Europe and Africa, Allos has been implementing SuccessFactors solutions worldwide, across multiple industries, and all implementations have been successful.

But let’s be honest, having certified resources does not guarantee a flawless implementation.

Where others have failed, Allos has learnt to overcome challenges, because we have a strong team of professionals that fuse two different DNAs (HR and technology) that make a real difference when combined. We know that every one of our customers is unique, and each customer receives a personalized project experience, without fail.

Engineering at your service

The Allos engineering team has been building connectors, custom reports, tools, algorithms and plug-ins for decades. This specific skill set benefits our clients when there is a need for an hybrid solution (Cloud + on-premise), a country-specific report, a new functionality not yet implemented or a connection with a custom software that the client already owns.

Allos is a preferred partner for SAP:

• sole player to support SAP Sales and Professional Services in Italy
• receiving this year’s SAP New Partner Award for Africa
• official partner in US

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