Leveraging technology to improve processes dedicated to Human Capital means EMPOWERING and accelerating your results.

Most of the organizations develop “perfect solutions” for Human Capital, implementing “state-of-the-art” functionalities, but fail to provide HR with real value that we can summarize as:

“First decide on what’s best, then execute the simplest”.

Most solutions don’t provide users with an adequate number of decision-making steps in order to execute transactions. In such a scenario, decisions are not properly connected to a clear set of alternative actions. This is where we come in.

Through different state-of-the-art technologies, we complement and enhance your processes and applications with better decision modes that translate into immediate actions. This is the meaning of EMPOWER.


Decide outside and then transact inside


Decision does not trigger the best action


Through SuccessFactors for example you can develop any workflow for hiring and internal mobility, or the most suitable 9-box matrix to calibrate performance, having an incomparable user experience while transacting data in the simplest way. But most solutions don’t provide users with an adequate number of decision-making steps before executing transactions. This is the real “empowering engine” that can transform a standard HR Management System into a Strategic HR Solution.

Allos leverages its extensive technological expertise to empower your every HR scenario, providing you with those decision-making steps for strategic analysis and execution and ensuring those scenarios are actionable and concretely result-based.

That’s the meaning of EMPOWER. Allos leverages top technology (SAP HANA® as principal) to empower every HCM implementation scenario.  

Some of our best solutions

S-CORE HR, This is an Employee Central-based product. Its objective is to support the decision-making process before executing any personnel event within Employee Central. Employee Central can be a classic HR Management System (spanning from an employees’ records arranger to a workforce management solution) but when leveraging SAP HANA® it can also transform into a strategic instrument that HR could use to analyze the headcount situation in each part of the organization, identify which sources are needed (new jobs, additional profiles, etc) and further identify favorite uses to fill these sources.

Through S-Core HR, any company can exploit its own human capital data by optimizing internal mobility, hiring strategy, and external resources involvement, thus enabling an effective resource allocation process. This can result in a relevant return on investment, based on the improved productivity, once the fit between resources and their own assigned positions is optimized.


LEARNING PLANNER,Learning Planner is an Allos solution that easily and automatically provides a schedule of reliable training courses, saving dozens of days doing Excel preparation and especially improving the classrooms attendance rate, a KPI with one of the greatest impacts on both overall learning and HR cost.

This is an application built on SAP HANA, entirely integrated with SuccessFactors LMS, and fitted with a powerful calculation engine that has been developed in the collaboration with the departments of Mathematics and Science at the University of Padova. Learning Planner finds the best schedule and helps the department undergoing the training to make adjustments and fine-tune details. The result is an increased classroom attendance rate and yearly savings of hundred thousands of dollars.


PROXIMITY LEARNING, is a really innovative solution, based on iBeacon proximity services, that can transform and energize student participation in all your courses, while also simplifying some manual processes like attendance registration.


“Allos is a pioneer that can connect extensive HR expertise with updated technical skills in order to provide any organization with new EMPOWERing decision-making and strategic capabilities, as demonstrated by our solutions.”

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