Processes, technology and change
Every project or initiative DEVELOPS your Human Capital is always characterized by theese main components whose masterly mixture makes you win to a greater or lesser extent.

From one side you must recognize to each of them the right weight for the aim of the final result thus understanding who’s driving more, on the other side you must be ready to make them interact and create a common target design for every transformation, small or large, in the human capital area.


Allos has year-by-year organized a team of professionals who can help you decide what is the best combination of processes, technology and change for your business.

Need to make some big decisions?

While effective human capital development, knowledge enablement, custom e-learning and data visualization have been demonstrated to improve organizational effectiveness and truly empower your business, it can be a daunting prospect when embarking on any of these initiatives for the first time – even when you’re simply deciding on which LMS will best suit your organization’s requirements and budget, or how to go about building internal content development capacity, or whether to invest in a new cloud solution rather than upgrade the existing system.

Our Professional Services in the Human Capital space include:


Determining and designing the right processes

for the whole Human Capital Management area, from recruiting to performance management, compensation to workforce management and planning and going beyond, according to the best practices that we’ve been learning for years from our customers.


Building your business case

for a Human Capital Management System implementation, comparing cloud/SaaS options with more traditional solutions if needed, and including a ROI and ROE calculations.


Building a business case

in particular for a learning transformation – introducing or expanding e-learning and knowledge management, activating the social culture and virtual classrooms.

Identifying and developing the best solution

to manage these processes that have implemented the HCM solution since the late 90s and in the Cloud since 2002 when it was just called ASP and later SaaS.


With over 30 years’ experience in working with international companies and across a range of industries and different Human Capital projects, Allos has built up a wealth of knowledge that we share with clients that enables us to decide and design optimal solutions for their future.

How we enable your Human Capital

We invest in the Human Capital of your company, leveraging all of our best practices in terms of proven processes, change management disciplines and state-of-the-art technology. Immediately enabling your objectives through the right solutions means having the key that opens the door to new business opportunities that impact on your Human Capital.

Maintaining the right direction by aligning your needs to solutions that can resolve them is now possible thanks to our collaboration with SAP-SuccessFactors. This is not only because it’s the largest and most successful platform worldwide, but also because in every implementation we’ve done globally we saw our clients get fast, measurable results.

SuccessFactors strives to delight its customers by delivering innovative solutions, content and analytics, and process expertise and providing best practices insights gained from serving its broad and diverse customer base.

Allos can sustain SuccessFactors mission with its extensive experience in cloud/SaaS transition and in strategic consulting on SaaS change management, acting as migration partner, adopting proven best practices validated by clients from different markets in 5 continents.

Our experience in SAP-SuccessFactors implementations allows us to closely understand our customer needs, thus to have a broad array of solutions, which in turn converts into an integral service, contributing to the increase of productivity and to the human capital development.

We have completed more than 100 successful implementations. We are distinctive because we do not only develop SuccessFactors but we also empower and realize it.

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“Allos is ready to help you improve the effectiveness of your business with our extensive experience in delivering value to every kind of organization, synergizing processes, technological solutions and change approach to DEVELOP your people.”.

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