An HCM initiative realizes itself not only when changes introduced are accepted and adhered from all the final users but when processes and services provided are clearly and effectively managed at regime from the key users in the HR organization. This is why we REALIZE it!


Allos can provide you with a trustworthy helping hand in the areas of Application Management and Development for SuccessFactors, thanks to:

  • experience and extended competence in all the SuccessFactors solutions and processes that we’ve been implementing and maintaining for several different customers and realities
  • qa wide catalogue of services (more than 60 for the whole suite) that we can provide, helping you to tailor our support to complete and complement your in-house operations
  • a technical division, one of Allos core capabilities, that can provide you with strong support in the areas of integration and extension (for example, see Hana potential developments)
  • wide service catalogue (more than 60 services for the whole suite) that we can provide you, helping to tailor our support completing and complementing your in house operations

We are talking about a “Process of Technological Outsourcing” where Allos can help you to understand where to position your blend of favorite service.

Some examples of typical services we can offer are:


Help Desk and User Support

including tracking tools, service level framework for the utilization of SuccessFactors and many other tools and procedures to start your application delivery model.


Ordinary Maintenance

for all those services getting out from user requests and that are classified as user support (see updated adaptation of the system and configuration compared to normal operational developments, ordinary management of interfaces and connectors to / from SuccessFactors, etc).


Corrective Maintenance (in cooperation with SAP)

the identification and resolution of application failures that normally cause disruptions or anomalies in user operations.


New Release Management

monitoring of new releases and user sessions (each taking 3 months to plan), deciding on and applying the new functionalities released.


Process Support

ad hoc services provided during the yearly peak times for some particular processes such as performance management and compensation (objective finalization period, appraisal delivery period, etc).


“Allos Application Management is the result of our dedication to the SuccessFactors processes and technology, where we continue to refine our quality, expand our outsourcing capabilities, increase our efficiency, and elevate the superior level of customer service we provide.”

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