Change and Digital

Change and Digital

Timely and efficient change, possibly leveraging your digital capabilities, REALIZES a goal and that’s when you can say: it’s been a SUCCESS

In the current technological era, your customers increasingly experience:


Significant changes

either throughout the enterprise or in specific business areas


Lack of alignment

from numerous, sequential oncee-off changes and evolutions


Medium or short term technology

and/or process changes that aren’t being adopted in time (typical scenario when deploying SuccessFactors)



that are not ready to support “yet another change”



The effects

of a major industry shift



No overall change plan

with milestones



No structured approach to build

ownership of the change


And other ….


Change Management has therefore evolved to a change 2.0 concept, in line with this era, to help make smooth transitions.

In the new web 2.0 era setting, change management has to be faster about:

  • Focus on the user; foster their curiosity
  • Rapid adoption
  • Evolution not perfection
  • Less preparation time to go-live, more effective enablement post going live

Allos has created a framework where we can support our customers in every phase of a change management plan, from the initial design to the final deployment.


How we make Change happen:

We can help you to design a change management approach

that spans from project stakeholder identification and education to analysis and design of the change plan (including communication and learning strategy) to the evaluation of the Return on Change.

We can design the content strategy

for learning and communication.

At another level we can help you to design the right change content strategy

starting from communication, engagement, motivational and learning formats that are all necessary to sustain your path to change and making it affordable for your people.

At a final level we can design and build all of this content using the best digital techniques

as cartoon, simulation, gaming and others, and providing you with our content delivery centers in Europe and South Africa which are already delivering engaging digital contents for great customer around the world.

We can realize those contents in different ways:

1. Standard Content through Cegos:

The whole Cegos learning catalog is available, with hundreds of top courses in all the major languages, spanning from behavioral and managerial training to language courses.

2. Custom Contents through digital for communication, engagement, learning

Allos is recognized globally as one of the most innovative content creators for learning and communication. We experiment with all the new technologies and formats, sometimes making our own if necessary. In any case, we can bring you to the edge of innovation with our content creation (gaming, cartoons of last generation, etc) – see video.

 3. SuccessFactors change and learning

Do you need to launch your SuccessFactors initiative in your company? Do you need communication surrounding it? This is our mission. We can develop learning videos and courses or digital communication to obtain the best from your SuccessFactors initiative.


“The management expertise changes in every company, REALIZING your objectives. Companies spend millions of dollars in advertising. We provide the same impact for internal communication, at a fraction of the price.”

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