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3 essentials when moving HR to the cloud

Moving your HR system to the Cloud can be a scary business. In this episode we cover 3 essential considerations that might put your mind at ease.

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Interview with Thomas Otter

Allos had the pleasure of catching up with Thomas Otter Global Vice President-SuccessFactors Employee Central at the SAP offices in Johannesburg South Africa. Thomas joined SAP in South Africa in 1995 and then a year later he moved to Germany. In 2008 he joined Gartner as lead researcher in SAP and technologies.
When SAP acquired SuccessFactors, SAP asked Thomas to lead the Employee Central product team. He gave us some valuable insight to the questions we posed

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SuccessFactors Connectors

Everybody needs to integrate. How does SuccessFactors handle the integration with other solutions in the Cloud and On-Premise (Hybrid Solution)?

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Goal Alignment: 3 enemies

66% of companies fail at aligning the performance to their people to the goals of their company.

In this video we show you the top 3 enemies of goal alignment and how to easily overcome these challenges.
The result is a company that runs smoothly with all resources performing in optimal direction.

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Nate Hurto interview SF Learning

Interview with Nate Hurto: SAP Global Vice President for SuccessFactors Learning Product Sales and Strategy. Special episode of the SuccessFactors Show from Allos America in Miami, Florida.

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